Used to do art, somehow my canvas turned into cakes... Still learning, and slowly developing so maybe one day it will be more than a hobby...

This blogg is here for me to share my hard earned knowledge about making and decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cakepops. I am self taught, so I have therefore learnt the hard way. Hopefully you won't have as hard of a time. Good luck, and Enjoy! J.

torsdag 4 september 2014

My Little Pony Cake.

So as I have mentioned before I recently had some problems with my health. More specifically and without getting all morbid ;-) I was diagnosed with MS. Even though I luckily have not gotten any major symptoms yet, I have been plagued with some crazy fatigue. I am ALWAYS hopelessly tired. So the thought of taking on a whole kids party was just to much in the heat of summer. A dear friend of mine who just had a little baby suggested that we put two and two together and have one party for our two girls who both were turning 5. Magic.

She provided the location, the garden (it's amazing) and the games. And I brought the cake and desserts. It was perfect. I could focus on what I know how to do and she didn't have to do all that with a newborn plus 5 other kids in the house! Yeah, we both got a big win out of it :-)!!!

Check out her blog where you will find some of the pictures I have here too, as well as plenty more.

Here are some of her pictures and some of mine.  Hope you like them!

Some of the decorations provided by Linda!

Cakepops made of Ballerina cookies, Philadelphia and nutella!

The drinks setup!

The cake! I am personally quite in love with it, if I may say so myself ;-)!

Ellie's favorite MLP, Rainbowdash! As you will also see by her outfit......



The gals! Ellie with her Rainbowdash attire on... of course!

I live the history behind these delights. Spike's jeweled cupcakes and the chocolate raining clouds. Both from separate episodes of MLP.

Some healthy stuff on an otherwise sugar covered table.
Some of the little tags on the food!
Here is my little birthday girl! I love her so much, and there is no way I could ever express it to her.  Maybe one day she will understand. <3


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